Bilal - பிலால்

Truth - bitter, sweet and triumphant

Bilal Ahmed lives in a village that has not known what advancement or development is. He is fifty years old, barely scrapes through life's economic necessities. Yet, at the same time, he lives responsibly and for the happiness of his family - wife, a daughter, and a son.  

Beautiful Desert


No matter how poverty tests him, Bilal lives according to his conscience, consciousness, and God. Although he lives amongst people from different religions, he considers all humans as children of God and loves them as equals.


The bomb-blasts engineered by some unknown heartless terrorists upset Bilal's simple life adversely. The challenges continue in his life. What specific challenges, and what does Bilal do in response? This forms our movie.

Status of the project

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Pre - Production


Screen Play


Key Technicians Engagement

Location and Logistics Plan



Next Steps

Critical Scenes Filming

Schedule 1 & 2

Rest of the scenes Filming

Schedule 3

Post - Production

Sales and Release


1.5 Crore Indian Rupees