Namaste! Hello Everyone!


I stepped out of a senior management role from corporate life solely with an aim to make what I do for living in line with spiritual life and character development.  I now coach and train people from different walks of life, published 5 books, and started movie production. The common values foundational to each area above is Humanity and Human Excellence. I conduct training programs also in the USA and Mexico.


With respect to movie production, my intention is to bring meaningful films with technical excellence. My team and I made a pilot film of 40 minutes “Enga Ooru Kaattilae - In the jungle of our village” in Tamil language with English subtitles and with mainstream quality film production standards. The film is about a simple loving father handling a difficult adversity for a young boy. We won 17 International awards for the film.


Based on our name created from the pilot, I started our first mainstream film production through "crowd-friends funding" including my own funds. My presentation is about how  movie making is viable for all, the kind of team I have built and what we want to bring to the world. And with this sharing, I invite anyone interested to contribute to their capacity to our funds while  gaining a deep sense of satisfaction about their participation and financial gains.


Kamraj Sundram