Enga Ooru Kaattilae...
எங்க ஊரு காட்டிலே

Love - the ultimate cure

Sivaraman, shortly called Siva, is a simple villager who earns his living from his land and from working in others’. He is known for solving the problems that come about with his practical understanding of the situation. His loving wife, Uma, also works in the fields along with Siva. Uma is hardworking and takes care of all of the household duties as well.


Nine-year-old Saravanan was born after many long years of Uma and Siva’s marriage. He is the apple of their eyes and the heart of their hearts. 

Saravanan is playful and kind to everyone.

When Saravanan was hit with a problem that could drastically affect his future, how did Siva, who found practical solutions for many hurdles in his life, handle it? How did Uma take it? And above all, did Saravanan succumb to what he faced? Or did he survive it?

Status of the project

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37 min Pilot

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1.5 Crore Indian Rupees