I am a bad girl

An uncommon feat of a common girl

What would it be like for a girl, born in one of the lowest economic levels in India, to discover her unchecked expression? How would that occur?


What would be the consequences in her life and others involved? Are there only tragedies and unhealing wounds? Or are there also undiscovered and uncommon feats? What kind of character is she? And how does she use life events to distinguish her identity? What would be the benefits of learning about such a girl? 

What could benefit readers from different parts of India and the world, if they were to learn about the girl’s culture and society? Would it help them connect with experiences, restrictions, and triumphs, that the readers or their elders or ancestors might have gone through? Would it be an enjoyable and moving experience? Would there be new and fascinating details they may come across?

Aishwarya's story is an uncommon feat of a common girl.

It will also be one of the feature films with Sarvah League Productions. The complete screenplay is already written. In fact the novel is written with an intention to transform it into a film later.

Status of the project

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Pre - Production



Screen Play

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Pre - Production


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Critical Scenes Filming

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Post - Production

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2.25 Crore  22500000 INR


20 Lakhs  2000000 INR

1 USD = ~74 INR

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