Mey - மெய்

In her youth, Madhuvandhi wrongly understands freedom as doing whatever she wants and follows immoral thoughts and practices sold by some people, writers and celebrities, in the name of rational, liberal knowledge and women's rights. She was led there by 'peer pressure,' and 'incidental bad company,' to begin with.

Natural View


the consequences of such decisions haunt her life. More details about the story are shared with interested investors. The film belongs to the genre of drama and a psychological thriller. Looking forward to hear from you!

Status of the project

Pre - Production


Screen Play

Key Technicians Engagement

Location and Logistics Plan



Next Steps

Casting - May 2022

Schedule 1 filming - June 2022

Schedule 2 filming - July 2022

Post - Production

Aug - Oct 2022

Sales and Release

Nov 2022




80 Lakhs - 8000000 INR



10 Lakhs - 1000000 INR

1 USD = ~74 INR

Transfer/wire charges etc

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