What is in a name?

Beloved parents/elders choose our name when we are born, in most cases. We grow, gain our experiences, for better and worse, when we form our likes and dislikes.

And for our better, we refine ourselves, thanks to the authentic lives we witness, lives known almost to the whole world such as Krishna, Martin Luther King, Christ, Mohammed, Lincoln, and many more. And, thanks to authentic lives as unknown as our aunts, mothers, fathers, and friends who become our role models.

For me, both in the process of refinement and 'like,' borne a desire to change my name, even officially. I chose Citizen K.

When I landed in the USA, for the ease of the tongues of my beloved friends in a new world, I introduced myself as 'Raj.' Besides, I did not want the responsibility of living up to the values of the man I am named after, 'Kamaraj.'

About beloved Kamaraj - here -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K._Kamaraj

But when my new friends called me 'Raj,' more than 75% of the time, I responded only in the second call. It felt as if they are calling someone else. I ruled out Raj for the rest of my life, one beautiful day in 2004.

In 2016, Patrick Maloney who has become a dearest friend and a '#Gandalf,' like figure in my life, started calling me, 'Citizen K.' He called me so after learning about my living in different countries and my love for all of those.

In 2019, a dear Mr. Narayanaswamy, a new facebook friend, wished me all the best in my endeavors and reminded me that I carry the names of two beautiful leaders. Ah, oh, what now?

I mentioned Kamaraj, already, and now, 'Kalyanasundaram.'

About beloved 'Kalyanasundaram,' - here -> http://www.pattukkottaiyar.com/site/?page_id=100

I am firmly decided now that I change my name. :-)

When I was set on 'Citizen K,' a knowledgeable, soulful and caring sister, Ammu Ashokkumar, spoke to me about the significance of one's name and the scientific aspect of numerology. And she suggested 'Kamraj Sundram,' as my pen name. I loved the suggestion.

Not only because of her beautiful reasoning, love, and care but also because I discovered the name 'Kamraj Sundram,' offers me both worlds. It is a unique name that marks my new journey and commitments, thereby, in my life. The name also carries the roots, my past, my family, and my beloved KAMARAJ and KALYANASUNDARAM, two soulful men I came to know.

And, if all essential forces help me, I will definitely write a book, named 'Citizen K.' It would be a fictional story based on a village boy who transitioned across cultures, countries. I trust my experiences come handy in the narrative.

Thank you Ammu Ashokkumar & Patrick Maloney, primarily responsible for the birth of two names, one for me and another for my work.

I am as old as my new, as new as my old.

Good day friends and readers,

Affectionately, Kamraj Sundram,

Officially, Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram.