Testimonials from Houston, USA
Aug 21,22 - 2021


I didn’t really know what to expect when coming to the “This and That” talk show, but I am so glad I came. Kamraj lead us through a conversation that opened up my understanding of the mind and why I do the things I do in a whole new way. I’m leaving with an open heart and an excitement to continue growing and learning more about humanity, the human soul, and myself. I am so grateful for this experience, the growth, and the light that it has brought to my life. I highly recommend coming to this talk show! Come with an open heart, a desire to learn and grow, and no expectations. You won’t regret it!

Alina Jones


I really enjoyed this talk show! Thank you Kamaraj for putting it together! It helped me understand better the true meaning of self, and how to develop a better character.




Jarell Jones