Testimonials from Colonia LeBaron, Mexico  
Sep 3,4 - 2021


My name is Luciana, and I really enjoyed this talk show by Kamraj Sundram. I came to the show with my daughter in the hopes of being able to connect and get closer to my teenage daughter.  I believe that KK has given me certain basic tools I didn’t even realize I needed to bond better, not just with my teenage daughter but with all of my children, and how to help me raise them in a way based on love instead of fear. Thank you, Kamraj, for the experience. ❤️



Wow!, this talk show has been super awesome. Kamraj Sundram brought so much light on why it is so important to be women and men of principle and character and where our worth comes from as beautiful souls having a human experience instead of living life on the exhausting ups and downs of our emotions. Thanks so much, Kamraj. I learned very valuable life-changing things in your seminar.


Shannan Naomi LeBaron Burgess


I really enjoyed this seminar. 

It helped me to understand fear and anger, how we need to learn to work with these feelings so they don’t harm our inner self, keeping our self, mind and body in harmony.

It helped me with so many awesome ideas to try to apply in my life; most of all, that balance in all things is key to finding peace.

And to try to be confident in ourselves and to help our children to be confident in themselves and try not to care so much what others think of us. 

I’m excited to go and apply the things I have learned here to my life.

Amanda Ray


A beautiful reminder to stay grounded and focused on our goals and the importance of keeping our mind, body, and spirit in sync for us to be at peace. Thank you, Kamraj Sundram.


Eunice Tucker