When you see a self-driven act of courage by a lone person who reminds you of your most loved one, in tenderness, and of any historical figure, such as Joan of Arc or Jhansi Rani or Martin Luther King Jr in boldness,

What do you do?

I faced one such moment this morning. The depth of the moment carried me to grateful memories in my life, where I am benefited by risk-takers. They are some of my friends and family. Their risks are not mainly on economic wellbeing, but that too. Their sacrifices are out of love and care to save my life and my dreams. They don't mind getting their hands dirty from the type of work most of us are unwilling to do. They don't resort to using beautiful and decent, but ultimately mere pompous words and philosophies. They are raw, they are soulful, and they mean what they say and do.

To all those front-liners, this Sunday and all Sundays will be my days of thankfulness. The depth of your acts will carry me beyond the Sunday to all my days, I am sure.

Thank You, Kamraj Sundram. #kamrajsundram



Words could not do justice to beloved Chariji's humble and yet, towering character. In Jan 2006, I had the immense privilege to meet him. The meeting lasted 2 minutes.

What followed the meeting is unexplainable. From the most challenging low feeling and opinion about myself, I regained all the vigor, intensity, and above all, love for life. The rest of the details, such as career success, friendships, and improved relationships with family, are just effects.

In April 2007, I visited the lovely Manapakkam Ashram for Heartfulness. Chariji was walking outside the gate of his cottage. I was at twenty feet distance, just watching him. I did not feel like approaching him, asking him anything, or speaking to him. Tears were continually flowing from my eyes, and I was in a state of love and bliss. This state continued for about half an hour.

One Saturday, I found Chariji entering the cottage with a bandage on one of his eyes. I later learned that he underwent a cataract operation. The next day morning, he was there promptly conducting the Sunday Satsangh.

Many abhyasis have shared their stories, countless instances of his IRON WILL enduring any pain, and helping people reach their spiritual potential or peace, whatever people set their mind to. Even for unwilling hearts, he rendered well being to whatever permissible extent.

#kamrajsundram #heartfulness #kamrajsundramhfn


Does the man possess writing talent?

Does he know literature?

Could he speak a few words in English, leave alone, fluency?


Courage, Honesty, and never before seen integrity - all these words and phrases realize what beauty and depth they carry from the way this man lived. Honorable, Mr. K.Kamaraj.

He studied only till 6th standard. The family's poverty put him to work.

People called him 'The Gandhi with black skin,' Kaala Gandhi in Hindi. His actions invited such a title. For years, he would start his talks with British India's native souls from 6 am and go on walking to find new avenues and talks until 10 or 11 pm. Prison walls did not bother his soul.

In Free India, the Indian India, and in Tamil Nadu, the chief minister wanted to bring education that is by one's class. If you are a weaver, your son or daughter is restricted to only learning about weaving. Thus, new slavery by the state would have been institutionalized but for Kamaraj's intervention.

With no footwear and missing two meals a day, the struggling section of the population was unable to send their kids to school. The practical man, Mr. Kamaraj, made sure the kids were served healthy meals for lunch, encouraging the parents to send their kids. It was a practice of necessity and compassion to feed them before educating them. In due time, the 7% literacy rate in British India, in the state of Tamilnadu rose to 37%.

He brought many reforms, including how the older generation needs to relinquish power and let the younger assume positions and thrive.

He was called King Maker of India, by even people who did not have a commonly spoken language with him.

True work itself served as a language for him, he did not need anything else.